Copywriting ¤ $50/hour

Copyediting ¤ $50/hour

Manuscript evaluation and critique ¤ $300/outline & first 20,000 words including line editing

Manuscript evaluation and critique ¤ $200 for 100-16,000 words; $375 for 16,001-32,000 words; $550 for 32,001-50,000 words; $725for 50,001-75,000 words; $850 for 75,001-100,000 words. Rates include line edit and proofreading.

Short story critique ¤ $50/up to 5,000 words

Ghostwriting¤ $65/hour

Line editing, including proofreading ¤ $1.50/page

Court transcript or deposition ¤ proofreading testimony 35¢/pg. or 70¢/pg. expedited

Court transcript or deposition proofreading colloquy 45¢/pg. or 90¢/ pg. expedited

Creative writing workshop ¤ $550/day, plus expenses

Basic Grammar for Writers seminar ¤ $175/3 hours, plus expenses

Basics of Magazine Writing workshop ¤ $175/3 hours, plus expenses

Show, Don’t Tell: How Do They Do That? workshop ¤ $175/3hours, plus expenses

Therapeutic writing workshop ¤ $175/3 hours, plus expenses

Tutor in Microsoft Word/Works ¤ $40/hour

All prices in U.S. dollars and subject to change without notice.