Client Kudos

Jan Weeks is a master when it comes to working with words. Her writing is dynamic and her stories intrigue readers of all ages. She’ll take on last-minute assignments, sometimes with little direction, and I can rest assured knowing they will be turned in on time (or ahead of time) and done expertly. I learn something new every time I work with her, whether it’s from the stories she writes or from working with her as our proofreader. Jan is dependable and professional, her work is accurate and she’s delightful to work with.

Cloie Sandlin, Editor, Beacon Senior Newspaper

I almost don’t want to write this recommendation, because I don’t want to share Jan with anyone else. Jan has been proofreading for me for the last eight or nine years. I have been reporting for almost 37 years, and she is by far the best proofreader I have ever had.

She catches mistakes that most would not notice. Her command of the English language is impeccable, and I am continually educated by her. I am also very persnickety, and she is someone I can completely trust with my work, and someone who gets corrections back to me on an extremely timely basis. I truly cannot say enough great things about her.

Bottom line, she is a great proofreader who is also a multi-book published author, an English master, a great human being, and someone I can completely count on.

— Gena Eales, San Francisco Superior Court

Chalk up my connection with Jan Weeks to synchronicity or just good luck, but I was truly blessed to cross her path and bathe in her ability to wade through my hot mess of stories,  pull out the nuggets and tell one damn fine story.  I am impressed with her toughness and plain, clear voice, no doubt fashioned  from a deep well of life experience in the Midwest, and  completely drawn to her old soul and expansive spirituality.  Jan Weeks simply gets it and has a gift of shaping a story without taking ownership of it.  I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with her.  

–Casey Gauntt, Suffering is the Only Honest Work

I am an official court reporter for San Francisco Superior Court.  Jan Weeks has been my proofreader for approximately 20 years.  Because of her extensive background as an English teacher, writer and editor, she is the most highly qualified and most competent proofreader I have had in 41 years of reporting.  Her work is thorough, and if I have a deadline or a rush job, she always completes it on time. She not only catches typos, but reads for content and catches mistranslated words that I may have missed.  

Joyce Long Finley, CSR

Bless your heart, Jan.  You have done absolutely a magnificent job of poring through my rudimentary approach to putting a story down in words.

–Gerry Blaine, The Kennedy Detail

There is one word that describes Jan Weeks– ROCKSTAR. Jan is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. She was able to proof my manuscript within a few days. I would not hesitate to recommend Jan for proofing, editing and great suggestions.

Merrie P Wycoff , Stealing the Shadow of Death

Professional editing from a professional writer.  If you want to flesh out a scene or add the connective tissue to make it work, Jan’s detailed critiques will help you.  Perfect punctuation, an ear for dialogue and the nuances of character development.  Put Jan Weeks at the top of your list if you need line editing. 

D.R. Curry, author of the Robert Masterson Morgan detective novels.