These Ones? Yikes!

For some bizarre reason, younger people have started to say “these ones here” and “those ones there” when asked where something is. Just writing those horrid constructions makes my teeth ache! Where the heck did they pick that up? I hope not from public school teachers, who should know better.

Which could lead to a rant about “when I was a kid…” but I’ve come to terms with the sorry state of education and give thanks every day that I don’t have to deal with Common Core, infinite testing, and other atrocities inflicted on pupils by a government that can’t even fix its own broken system. Oops! Sorry about that there almost rant.

So am I out of line when I kindly suggest that they don’t need to add “one” or “ones” as qualifiers when asked where one might find tee shirts or Trac phones? Or should this old lady toddle off into the sunset with aching teeth and let them continue mangling the language? So far I’m charging ahead and refuse to toddle anywhere for at least another 40 years. So there, youse ones.

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